Lecture: World of Jinn & Magic

Part 1 was delivered on Sunday 26th June 2011 by Abu ‘Iyaad Amjad Rafiq.
Listen/Download here: World of Jinn & Magic (part 1).mp3

This lecture was accompanied by slides, which can be viewed/downloaded here:
World of Jinn & Magic slides.pdf

Part 2 was delivered on Sunday 3rd July 2011:
Listen/Download here: World of Jinn & Magic (part 2).mp3

The link mentioned in the talk relating to Islamic Ruqyah can be found here:
Islamic Ruqyah For Warding Off the Devils and the Magic of the Magicians From the Qur’an

IMPORTANT NOTE: The following article:

Prophet Solomon, the Devils (Shayaateen), Magic, the Angels Harut and Marut and Baabil (Babylon):

was written by Abu Iyaad and published on 24th February 2010. It exonerates Prophet Sulayman (alayhis salaam) from the claim that he practiced magic. You only have to read the first sentence to know this is clearly the case:

“It is widespread amongst the Jews, Christians and the Occultists that Prophet Sulayman (alayhis salaam) practiced magic, and some of them consider him to be a magician and not a Prophet. There are many other claims and associations made with respect to Sulayman (alayhis salaam) which he is free of. In this article we want to clarify the Qur’anic treatment of this subject which absolves and exonerates Sulayman (alayhis salaam) from the false things attributed to him.”

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