Interesting Findings and Conclusions from Past Studies and Investigations into Facebook

Here are some interesting articles concerning studies and investigations into the use of Facebook and the negative impact and traits it can have on a person (Allahu Musta’aan) like:

a) being more jealous and envious of others,
b) being more depressed and dissatisfied with life,
c) being more inclined to seek fame, status, praise, etc.
d) being boastful
e) being vain (judging people by their physical looks)

1) Facebook is bad for you – Get a life!

Brief excerpt from link above:

These researchers, who presented their findings at a conference in Leipzig in February, surveyed 584 users of Facebook aged mostly in their 20s. They found that the most common emotion aroused by using Facebook is envy. Endlessly comparing themselves with peers who have doctored their photographs, amplified their achievements and plagiarised their bons mots can leave Facebook’s users more than a little green-eyed.

2) Is Facebook envy making you miserable?

Brief excerpt from link above:

They found people aged in their mid-30s were most likely to envy family happiness while women were more likely to envy physical attractiveness

These feelings of envy were found to prompt some users to boast more about their achievements on the site run by Facebook Inc. to portray themselves in a better light.

Men were shown to post more self-promotional content on Facebook to let people know about their accomplishments while women stressed their good looks and social lives.

The researchers based their findings on two studies involving 600 people with the results to be presented at a conference on information systems in Germany in February.

3) Docs warn about teen and ‘Facebook depression’

4) Addicted to Facebook fame? Blame your brain’s nucleus accumbens

Brief excerpt from link above:

“As human beings, we evolved to care about our reputation,” Dar Meshi, a neuroscientist at Berlin’s Free University and the lead author of a paper published in Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, said in a news release. “In today’s world, one way we’re able to manage our reputation is by using social media websites like Facebook.”

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