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4 Responses to Audio

  1. Ummu Naima says:

    Salaam aleikuum,Alhamdoellilah for this new site,with all the beautifull lectures

    about the Islam.

    All the lectures I have put on my mp3 player.

    I ask Allaah Taa’ala to reward all the muslims who made this website and to reward

    them all with Djennat al Firdaws InchAllaah

    Djazaak Allahoe ghairaan.

    Your sister in Islam Ummu Naima from the Netherlands

  2. Sundus says:

    Mashaallah. This site is very beneficial and hope its posts and updates continue
    Will part 2 of the “world of jinn and magic” be posted soon inshaallah ?

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