When was the word “Wahabi” first used?

This word appeared around 1229- 1231 A.H./1814-1816 C.E. It was used by an orientalist named John Lewis Burckhardt who published a book called ‘Notes on the Bedouins & Wahabys’ collected during his travels in the east published in 1831

From the PDF: With the Nickname Wahhabis & Wahhabeeyya The Accusation against the followers of Muhammad bin AbdulWahab -Rahimahullaah-

Compiled & Translated by Abbas Abu Yahya, Miraath Publications. File is available here: https://islamtees.uk/wp-content/uploads/2022/01/wahhabis-wahhabeeyya-the-accusation-against-the-followers-of-muhammad-bin-abdulwahab.pdf

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