‘Abdullah Ibn Masood (radi Allahu ‘anhu) on a time when the Speakers will be many and the Scholars will be few

The following saying of the great Sahabi, ‘Abdullah ibn Masood (رضي الله عنه‏) is worthy of reflection:

Abu Khaithama narrated to us, saying: Jareer reported to us from ‘Abdullaah ibn Yazeed, i.e. As-Sahbaanee, from Kumail bin Ziyaad that ‘Abdullaah (bin Mas’ood) said:

“Verily, you are in a time in which the scholars are many and the speakers are few. And verily there will come a time after you in which the speakers will be many and the scholars will be few.”

[This narration in mawqoof form has an authentic chain. Its narrators are all narrators from the two Saheeh Collections, except for ‘Abdullaah bin Yazeed As-Sahbaanee. However, he is trustworthy and his biography can be found in al-Jarh wat-Ta’deel.

Source: from the book, The Book of Knowledge, by Imaam Abu Khaithama Zuhayr bin Harb An-Nasaa’ee (died 234H), with Verification and Notes by Imaam Muhammad Naasir-ud-Deen Al-Albaanee, Al-Ibaanah Book Publishing.

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