Dawah Leaflets against Terrorism and Extremism

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Terrorists kill Muslims and Non-Muslims indiscriminately

‘Indeed, that which has occurred from suicide bombings and destruction in the city of Riyadh and whatever was discovered as a result of that from weapons and explosives in Makkah and Madeenah in the earlier part of this year, 2003, then it is all the end result of being misled by Satan and his beautification of excessiveness and extremism for those who were responsible for that. So these events that have occurred are from the most disgraceful of crimes and corruption in the earth. And what is more disgraceful is that Satan beautifies these events as Jihaad for the one who carries them out. So with which intellect and Religion can suicide, killing of Muslims, and those under protection by treaties from amongst the non-Muslims, terrorising those living in safety, turning women into widows, and children into orphans, and the destruction of buildings along with whatever is inside them be considered Jihaad!?’ (Shaikh Abdul-Muhsin Al-Abbaad, Saudi Arabia)

So likewise the terrorist attacks of London, Madrid and other than them cannot be considered as Jihaad, and the Religion of Islaam is free from these evil acts and its perpetrators, even if the ones responsible claim to be Muslim and claim to be in support of Islaam and its people. Indeed the Religion of Islaam calls to the sole worship of the Creator and Sustainer, the Lord of the Heavens and earth, Allaah, the One who sent all of the Messengers from Noah through to Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad, as a mercy from Himself. So these Prophets were not sent to cause corruption and wreak havoc, but to call mankind to the worship of their Lord alone, without associating any partners with Him.

Between Extremism and Neglect

Excerpt from leaflet above:

Moderation in Islaam

In recent times many people who call to Islaam have started discussing the matter of moderation and extremism in Islaam. Unfortunately, many of these discussions are driven by political agendas on both side of the dividing line, that is to say that you have on one side those Muslims who, in their desire to be seen as integrating with the host community, will label as extremist that which they see as alien to the society they are living within. An example of that is the huge debate that erupted in 2006 in the UK regarding the face veil (or niqaab) by Muslim women. If one studies the issue of the face veil Islamically outside of the prevalent political and cultural agenda, one would find that the face veil is at the very least recommended by the Islamic legislation, and it cannot be labelled as extreme. Yet others may even regard the growing of the beard as extreme, or praying five times a day as extreme. All of these judgements based upon modern day prevalent culture and not upon study of the Qur’aan or Prophetic tradition. On the other side of the dividing line, we have the extremists who will go beyond the limits in the Islamic legislation, again driven by either cultural or political agendas, so they may take the lives of individuals by murder and terrorism and attribute that to Islaam and even claim that Islaam legislates such despicable acts. Those who carried out the seventh of July tube and bus bombings in London claimed they were guided by Islaam. But in reality they were deceived by an extremist political methodology, far removed from Islaam. Other extremists may partake in what is commonly labelled in these times as ‘honour killings’ of female members of their families, or force their daughters into marriage with one whom they do not wish to marry, and then they attribute this to Islaam! Nothing could be further from the truth. This article will discuss the Islamic concept of taking the balanced and middle path in the religion.

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