Video: Hasan as-Somaali – The Quran is Not Created

Note: Upon completion of the video, we’ve prevented Youtube suggested videos from being displayed as this oftens shows contrasting material and that which is likely to misguide. We’d advise others to do likewise by adding the following to the end of a youtube link:


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2 Responses to Video: Hasan as-Somaali – The Quran is Not Created

  1. Anon says:

    Adding ?rel=0 didn’t work for me. I’ve found a permanent way to block the suggested videos and featured videos that appear next to videos and on the home page.

    For firefox, install these plugins:

    Then, follow the instructions given in the screenshots here:

    For chrome, install these extensions:

    Then, follow these instructions given here:

    You can use the above to block sidebar content from any other site as well.

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