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Historical and background information
The story of Adam and the Angels is mentioned in the Qur’aan – Surah al-Baqarah (2), verses 30-39 and Surah Saad (38), verses 71-88. Allah commanded the angels to prostrate to Adam, not to worship him but to show obedience to Allaah. All of the angels prostrated except Iblis (Satan) who was from the Jinn. Iblis gave a false analogy, that I am better than him, because you created me from fire and you created him (Adam) from clay. Because of Iblis’s refusal to obey the command of Allaah, he was expelled and cursed. Iblis then asked Allaah for some respite and made a promise to misguide Adam and the whole of mankind with the exception of those who are the sincere worshippers of Allaah (pure Monotheists who do not worship others along with Allaah).

After this incident, Allaah entered Adam and his wife Hawwa (Eve) into Paradise and warned them not to approach a certain tree but the Shaytaan came and attempted to beguile and deceive them by whispering and saying to them that Allaah prohibited them from this tree because of some hidden purpose i.e. so that they might become immortal. Shaytaan promised them four things: Allah only prohibited you from this tree so that you may 1) become angels, 2) become immortal i.e. you will never die, 3) become eternal, and 4) acquire a kingdom that will never perish. Iblis uttered a lie and pretended to be a sincere adviser. Adam and Eve disobeyed Allaah and ate from the tree. So there exists enmity between Adam and his offspring (mankind) and Iblis and his offspring (Jinn). Since Iblis knows he is doomed and is in the Hellfire and that he has been given a short respite then his aim is to invite as many people from the offspring to Adam into the Hellfire.

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