A Short Story regarding the false propaganda against Sheikh Muhammad Ibn Abdul-Wahhab

Someone I trusted narrated to me that, there was a scholar who was living in some cities of India and was giving classes in the mosques. He used to whenever he finishes his classes, supplicate a lot to Allah. And among his supplications is that, he used to supplicate against Sheikh Muhammad Ibn Abdul-Wahhab and cursed him.

Fortunately, there was one smart and intelligent Saudi student who was attending the class. This student thought about how he could save this poor Sheikh who was led astray by this evil propaganda, till he fell into this deadlock. So his thinking guided him to the following plans: He took Kitaab At-Tawheed [i.e., The Book of Tawheed], which is the right of Allah upon His slaves, and he peeled off the covers and the first pages that contain the biography or the information of the author. He then gave this book to the Indian Sheikh and then asked him to read the book and give him his feedback about the book. So the Sheikh took the book, and read it and was pleased with it. So the next day, the student asked him about his opinion regarding the book. It was then that the teacher started to praise the book in an amazing manner, and that it is one of the best books written in its subject matter. Then ths student said to him, the author of this book is Muhammad Ibn Abdul-Wahhab the one you always curse. And then he gave him the cover and the papers that contain the name of the Sheikh.

So the teacher was very astounded, and regretful of what he did. And then he started to supplicate for the student, and changed his position towards the Sheikh and started to supplicate for him after his class instead of supplicating against him. So we ask Allah the Almighty to forgive him.

This is how the false propaganda misleads the people and entraps them, but subsequently the true Da’wah to Allah is always successful, but with wisdom as we have seen in the act of the Saudi successful student [May Allah have mercy on him]. Allah the Most High said:

Invite [mankind, O Muhammad [peace be upon him]] to the Way of your Lord [i.e. Islam] with wisdom [i.e. with the Divine Revelation and the Qur’an] and fair preaching, and argue with them in a way that is better.

[Taken from the book, The Problems of the Da’wah (call) and the du’aat (callers) in the present era, Al Hujjah Publication, 2009, and narrated by the prominent sheikh, the eminent scholar (rahimahullah) Muhammad Amaana Ibn Ali al-Jaami – The Chief of the College of Hadith, and the ex-head of the higher education in the Islamic University of Al-Medina, in the Department of Al-Aqeedah (The Creed), pp.85-86]

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