Audio: Explanation of Aqeedah at-Tahaawiyyah (Lesson 64)

Lesson 64 on the explanation of Aqeedah at-Tahaawiyyah is available. Please listen to it here or download it:
Lesson 64.mp3

This lesson was an explanation of the following statements found in Aqeedah at-Tahaawiyyah:

“And we have hope for the doers of good from amongst the believers that He (Allaah) will pardon them and enter them into paradise by His Mercy, but we do not feel certain about their being safe nor do we bear witness of paradise for them.

And we seek forgiveness for those that commit sins from them and we fear for them, but we do not cause them to despair.

And feeling totally secure and totally despairing – both of these take a person outside the religion of Islaam.

And the true path for the people of the Qiblah lies between these two.

And the servant does not exit from eemaan except by denying that which entered him into it.”

The last statement in particular needs clarification so listen to the audio for elucidation.

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