A Summary of the Six Principles in A Poem

Commented al-’Allaamah Zayd Ibn Muhammad al-Madkhalee – hafidhahullaah, “So from the aspect of blessed discourse, I have completed reading them and contemplating upon their meanings. So I have placed these meanings in the following poem, under the title, ‘The Beneficial Foundations from the Minhaaj of the People of Beneficence in ’Aqeedah.’ And before you is the text of the poem,

‘And listen to the principles formulated by some of the Salaf.
The revelation came with them by way of those who proceeded.
The first of them is sincerity – O reasonable one,
it was brought by the Qur‘aan and the beloved,
Muhammad, the guide, the great Prophet.
He was sent by my Lord, the Sublime, the Honourable.
The opposite of sincerity is objectionable Shirk,
And how many of its manifestations have not been rejected.
So seek them O brother in eemaan,
From the Sunnah of the guide along with the Qur‘aan.
Then there was unity along with harmony,
A clear extending text came with it.
And its opposite is a dangerous evil for you,
My Lord the Exalted explained it so understand,
In Aali-’Imraan it came clearly,
And its like came in al-Anfaal, so understand O youth.
And in Sooratur-Room there came a warning,
From every party that was rebuked by the all-Mighty.
The third was to listen and obey the one who,
Has been granted authority, order to beware of the trials.
So how many reports have come, which obligate
Obedience to the ruler with a condition so know it well.
I am referring to goodness that has been recorded by the Sharee’ah.
And its opposite is the objectionable affair. Indeed, it will not be accepted.
And the fourth is knowledge that my Lord the Exalted has favoured the Scholars from the sky.
So whoever desired to attain their excellence,
Then let him traverse the Straight Path like them.
And whosoever shows enmity towards a Scholar who acts,
Upon his knowledge in truth, then that one has been tried,
With war from my Lord, since it has been decreed.
And his defeat by the Compeller has been validated by the informant.
And the fifth is loving all of the awliyaa‘,
From those who believe in Allaah and then observe taqwaa.
They are those whom my Lord has specified with a truthful promise,
About His abode of the Hereafter, the station of those who observe taqwaa.
This is not the case of one who merely speaks about the reality of the walee,
From the aspect of the truth and the sent guidance.
Rather, this one has lied. Rather, he has fabricated.
Indeed, the revelation and the manhaj of the warner have declared war upon him.
And the sixth is certain and exemplary knowledge,
That my Lord with regards to the close friend, Messenger,
And recipient of His clear Book guides to the truth and a plain light.
And whosoever says that the Book and the Sunan,
Their knowledge is trivial, such that he turns away from them,
Then that one is a heretic and he is submersed in trials,
Due to the objectionable statement and his plain lie,
Upon everyone religious person who is learned concerning the Qur‘aan
And has practiced the magnificent truth as his Religion,
In front of Allaah, my Lord, besides whom there is no other deity,
The Sublime, the Mighty and Exalted in Might.
O Lord, grant us the success to preserve the sunan,
And allow us to perform many good and excellent works.
We hope for a reward, along with Your endless pleasure.
And pardon us always and forever.
And send peace – O Lord – upon the Prophet,
And the Family and the Companions and likewise those who have observed taqwaa.
Along with that, send salutations that fill whatever is between the heavens,
And your earth. This is it, so actualize it and learn it.’

So these lines of poetry have been placed in my book, al-Mandhoomaatul-Hassaan fil-’Aqaa‘id
wal-Manaahij wa Qutoof min ’Uloomil-Qur‘aan
(p. 43).

Source: The Means to Attaining Clarification Concerning the Six Principles, Explanation by Shaykh Zayd Ibn Muhammad ad-Madhkhalee, Translation by Maaz Qureshi, www.SunnahPublishing.net

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