Shaykh Ahmad an-Najmi’s reply to the accusation and lie that the Committee of Major Scholars in Saudi Arabia is a Masonic conception

…As for them saying that the Committee of Major Scholars is a masonic conception, then I say that the free masons are a Jewish organization that was founded with the goal of causing people to abandon the Divine legislations, to satiate the lustful base instincts and to promote the worship of wealth and materialism.

Does the Committee of Major Scholars call to this? May Allah’s curse be upon the liars.

The Committee of Major Scholars comprises of people of knowledge, religiosity and piety, and those who sacrifice their time and effort in order to spread the religion of Allah and His legislation.

This is how we view them – and Allah will take us and them to account. Are these the qualities of the free masons?

This is a Sururi, Khariji, Takfiri notion that is propagated, and Allah will recompense them for this with that they deserve. Muhammad Surur, this astray, misguided innovator, has speech that is understood as Takfir of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and he claims that the Kingdom is governed by America.

He says this and he is residing in London, the captial of Britain. Think about this brother! Who deserves to be described as having servitude to the non-Muslims? An independent country who has their own government and implements their religion of Islam or Muhammad Surur who resides in Britain, submits to it, seeks refuge there and begs from them? The judgement is left to the reader.

As for the scholars in Saudi Arabia, then he calls them the slave of the slave of the slave of the slave, and he says that they are on the take and that they have no shame. He also says that the responsibility of the scholar in Saudi Arabia is similar to the officer of an army and that there is no difference between the two, meaning that the job of the scholar is only to follow out a mandate and carry out orders.

I say, ‘Exalted are you, O my Lord. How great is the blessing of modesty, and how great is the blessing of faith (iman)!’

Indeed, I am amazed at this boldness to lie and slander and this lack of shame, even before Allah – if this liar has lost the sense of shame from the people…

Source: The Precise Verdicts Regarding the Deviant Methodologies, al-Allamah Ahmad Ibn Yahya al-Najmi (d.1429H), Translation by Abu Abdillah Hasan as-Somali, Sunnah Publishing, pp.70-71.

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