The Focus Of The Da’wah Should Not Be Pushed Towards The Rulers, Rulership And Governments

In relation to the focus of da’wah: Pushing the focus of the da’wah towards the rulers, rulership, governments and the state. And this has been one of the most harmful effects to the da’wah, in that it has led to a clear deviation from the da’wah of the Prophets and their methodology in bringing about reform and rectification of the society. Hence, the concepts of Haakimiyyah, Jihaad, “Collective [Political] Work”, enjoining the good and forbidding the evil, are all confined to the arena of the rulers and rulership, fundamentally. The rulers and flaws in the issue of rulership are made to be the sole cause of all of the Ummah’s calamities, and the blame is constantly directed towards the rulers and governments.

This has caused great harm and corruption to the minds and intellects of the Muslims, since it negates any admission of the fact that there is something fundamentally wrong with the Ummah itself and that it is being subject to punishment for its deviation in its Tawheed and in its Aqeedah and in its Ibaadah and the likes, and that Allaah punishes the Ummah on account of its disobedience to Allaah and His Messenger and on account of ungratefulness and the emergence of Shirk and Innovation. And the Rulers are not the only ones who disobey and who fall into the likes of these crimes. There is much deviation and corruption in the common Muslims, amongst the Innovators and Heretics and the society at large. Rather it is the whole Ummah, collectively. But despite that we commonly see the calls and slogans “Muslims need to unite”, “the Muslims are not organised”, “the Muslims should forget differences”, “its the fault of the corrupt apostate rulers” and the likes of these statements, which are representative of great deviation and rejection of the way that Allaah operates with respect to His creation. As for the issue of the rulers then that will be dealt with in what is to follow.

Hence, on account of the destructive ideologies and partisan calls, the da’wah has suffered and has been terminated immaturely by directing it into arenas which have not really produced any fruits, and in fact will not produce any fruits.

Source: FAQ on Manhaj series,

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