Churchill’s Views on Islam and Muslims is More Nuanced than Islamophobic Bigots Would Have You Believe

An excerpt from the article:

“However, Churchill is also known for his love and admiration of Islam and “Muhammadans” i.e. Muslims. The Aga Khan once expressed the desire that Churchill ought to have been Viceroy of India. In many of Churchill’s letters and speeches before Parliament, he refers to the British Empire as the “greatest Muhammadan power” in the world, in that the Empire had the greatest number of Muslim subjects, rivaling that of the contemporary Ottoman Empire.

He is also well known for his admiration for the bravery of Britain’s Muslim subjects. And some family members of Winston Churchill apparently begged him not to convert to Islam. So which one is it? Was the former British Prime Minister a rabid Islamophobe? Or did he harbor a secret love for Islam and ‘the Orient’? That is the question this well-researched book by Warren Dockter tries to answer.”

Link: Book Review: Churchill and the Islamic World By Warren Dockter

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