Free Audio available: 40 Hadith on the Virtues of the Kalima – Lesson 9

Lesson 9 on the virtues of the kalima is now available. You can listen to or download it here:

Lesson 9.mp3

Here’s a brief transcript of part of the lesson which contained some beneficial points:

Hadith reported by Abdullah bin ‘Umar (radiAllaahu ‘anhu):

Nuh (alaihis-salaam) said to his son:
‘I command you with the statement, La ilaha ill Allaah, for indeed if the seven heavens and the seven earths were put on one side of the scale, and La ilaha ill Allaah put on the other side, La ilaha ill Allaah would outweigh them.’

[This is authentic]

– Excellence of the Kalima.
– Best advice for children (or adults) at the point of death is for them to accept Tawheed (worship of Allaah alone) and to renounce Shirk.
– Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) left the Kalima as a legacy (lasting word) for his offspring.
– The Religion of all the Prophets and Messengers is one and the same, Islam, which is to submit to Allaah alone.
– ‘Eesa (Jesus) and Musa (Moses) spoke Aramaic, a subset of Arabic.
– Judaism is the name of a tribe, Judah, which arose many centuries after Moses. This is an innovated name as is Christianity, another innovated religion. Hinduism is named after a place, Buddhism1 and Sikhism2 after a man, whereas the religion of Allaah is not named after a man, place or tribe:

“Truly, the religion with Allah is Islam.” [Qur’aan, 3:19]

1 Buddhism founder: Siddhartha Gautama (the “Buddha”)
2 Sikhism founder: Guru Nanak Dev

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