Interesting Similarities between Barelvi’ism and Christianity

An interesting thesis (91 pages in total) titled Barelvi’ism and Christianity: similarities and the possible reasons why, by Hussain, Nouman (2018) is available on the University of Birmingham site here:

The author mentioned the following on page 46:

It should be noted that just as Islām has many different sects, Christians also have differences within themselves regarding certain beliefs; however, there are other fundamental beliefs that all Christians agree on. Thus, it is only correct to state that some of the beliefs of the Ahmed Riḍa resembled Christianity in general and other beliefs that Ahmed Riḍa held resembled certain sects of Christianity – and the sect that has the most in common with Barelvi’ism is Catholicism.

The following summarized table was produced to aid in easier understanding and is based upon Chapter 3, pages 46-55, of the thesis:

Both the Catholic and Barelvi sects are also full of superstitions.

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