Video: Atheism – Causes and Cures by Ustadh Abu Iyaad Amjad Rafiq

Video description:

This topic is deep and complex and requires lengthy treatment. This lecture will help you understand some of the history behind how (mostly) the Western nations, how they operate and how they run based upon ideas of naturalism, materialism, atheism, how they have got to this scenario and situation.

Some of the causes as to why Muslims are affected by atheism will also be looked at and why some become apostates. Through understanding the causes of the problem one can also at the same time understand how to remedy the problem by looking at the underlying causes.

The lecture is based on a work of Abdur-Rahman as-Sa’di (rahimahullah), one of the great scholars from the last century, who died in 1376H (late 1950’s) and who has really good works on contemporary philosophies and ideologies like atheism.

The book is titled Definite evidences and proofs for the invalidation of the foundation of the atheists, in which the author presents 83 points or principles of refutation against some of the foundations upon which atheism is built.

This is an essential listen especially for Muslims living in Western lands where atheism and secularism is the majority system of belief and which is taught and promulgated in education establishments and also spread in the entertainments industry, causing some to doubt about the religion and even apostasize.


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For further information please visit:

which evaluates the claims and conjectures of atheists.

In particular, refer to this link:

A Muslim’s Guide to Naturalism, Atheism and Evolution:

and also this link from which were referenced in the lecture:

Big Bang Cosmology and the Quran: A Response to Muslim Apologists Using Scientific Conjectures to Explain the Qur’an:

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