Lesson 6 Upload – Response to a Question on the Attributes

Some of the matters or points covered:

  • Tashbīh (resemblance) and the Mutashabbihah (those who resemble Allaah to the creation).
  • Three ways in which people fall into tashbīh with examples provided such as that of the Karrāmiyyah and Mutashabbihah Rāfidah.
  • Salafis are free and innocent from all these ways of tashbīh, to accuse Salafis of falling into tashbīh would be slander. We negate tashbīh (resemblance) from the attributes as mentioned in the treatise.
  • Mention of some vile, evil and repugnant statements from the own works of famous heretical Rāfidis and Sufis like Hisham bin al-Hakam, Abu Yazeed al-Bistami and Abu Mansoor Al-Hallaj, in which they liken Allaah to the creation.
  • Discussion of meanings – the universal meaning (al-ma’na al-kullī), shared meaning (Al-Qadr al-Mushtaraq) and the distinguishing part (Al-Qadr al-Mumayyiz).
  • An important principle: “Agreement in the name does not necessitate agreement in the reality”, which was mentioned by Shaikuhl-Islaam Ibn Taymiyyah in at-Tadmuriyyah. This means there is agreement in labels such as Allaah is hearing and we are hearing, but the reality is different, it is not the same.
  • Quick reply to those who say that if you affirm attributes for Allaah (like hearing for example) then you have likened Him to the creation. We say: do you affirm existence for Allaah? Humans also have existence. So have you likened Allaah to the creation?

For further points and more details, please listen to the lesson or download here:
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