Lesson 8 Upload – Response to a Question on the Attributes

Some of the matters or points covered:

  • Recap of all the previous lessons.
  • Anything which is ambigious in the Qur’an we refer back to the clear and decisive verses as mentioned in the treatise text: “In the Book of Allāh there are clear, decisive verses, the intent behind them is understood by their apparent meanings and there are unclear verses the meanings of which cannot be grasped except by referring them to the clear and decisive (verses)”.
  • Irrespective of whether you understand the verses or not, you have to make tasdeeq as mentioned in the following passage: “But it is obligatory to accept and believe in all of them and to have faith in them all.”
  • The same principle is applied to the ahādeeth as mentioned in the following part: “Similarly, the narrations of the Messenger (صلى الله عليه وسلم) are carried upon the same principle, they are revealed (just) like this Revelation — the unclear amongst them are referred to the clear and decisive amongst them — but all of them are to be accepted”.
  • A mention of the hadīths reported about the attributes being of three types as mentioned in the treatise but an additional fourth type can be added with an example hadīth mentioned as evidence.
  • Discussion of several attributes given as an example.

For further points and more details, please listen to the lesson or download here:
Lesson 8.mp3

Previous lessons available here: https://islamtees.uk/audio/tawheed/#responseattributes

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