Confirmed: Eid al-Fitr Prayer in Albert Park Middlesbrough (2023)

Come and join us at Albert Park in Middlesbrough on Friday 21st April to pray the Eid al-Fitr prayer. We’ll be praying in the Roller Skate Rink next to the Lake and visitor centre, إن شاء الله

Please don’t forget to bring your own mats!

Note: regarding possible rainfall, then the current weather forecasts suggest rain at around 11am (الله أعلم whether this will turn out to be accurate on the day). However in any case, this will be well before we finish and go back home. Should it rain earlier like before 7:30am and it’s just slight rain and not troublesome, then we plan on still holding the Eid prayer. However, should there be rain before or around 7:30am then the prayer outdoors will be cancelled and we encourage people to pray at their nearest or local masjid where you should be able to catch one of the jamaa’ats at whatever time you want to attend. If the Eid prayer outdoors is cancelled we’ll issue a notification on our social media channels, otherwise assume it’s going ahead.

Exact prayer location and free parking places are shown in the image below. Red highlight is the prayer location (roller skate rink) and yellow highlight is where free parking is available, a long stretch on Park Vale Rd.

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