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Clarification from the Shuyookh on the Type of Magic which is Kufr and Expels from Islaam

Shaykh Sulayman bin Abdullaah bin Abdul-Wahhaab Shaykh Sulayman bin Abdullaah bin Abdul-Wahhaab on What Constitutes the Magic Which Expels from Islaam: http://www.dajjaal.com/liar/articles/hbvnw-shaykh-sulayman-bin-abdullaah-bin-abdul-wahhaab-on-what-constitutes-the-magic-whic-expels-from-islaam.cfm     Imaam al-Shanqeetee Imaam al-Shanqeetee’s Clarification and Verification on the Magic that Expels From the Religion: http://www.dajjaal.com/liar/articles/ltfwe-imaam-al-shanqeetees-clarificatioon-and-verification-on-the-magic-that-expels-from-the-religion.cfmContinue reading

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