Video: The Importance of Sticking To the Scholars

An excellent lecture by brother Abu Uwais Abdullaah Alee (rahimahullaah) on the topic of sticking to the Ulemaa (scholars). Amongst the matters discussed are the distinguishing characteristics of the Ulemaa who are indeed very few in our times.

The great Sahabi ‘Abdullah ibn Masood (رضي الله عنه‏) said:

“Verily, you are in a time in which the scholars are many and the speakers are few. And verily there will come a time after you in which the speakers will be many and the scholars will be few.”

[This narration in mawqoof form has an authentic chain. Its narrators are all narrators from the two Saheeh Collections, except for ‘Abdullaah bin Yazeed As-Sahbaanee. However, he is trustworthy and his biography can be found in al-Jarh wat-Ta’deel. Source: The Book of Knowledge, by Imaam Abu Khaithama Zuhayr bin Harb An-Nasaa’ee (died 234H)]

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