Free Audio available: Usool us-Sittah (The Six Principles) – Lesson 2

Lesson 2 on the explanation of Usool us-Sittah (The Six Principles) is now available. You can listen to or download it here:

Lesson 2.mp3

Points or topics discussed in the lesson:

  • The spread of ignorance and the things which bring this about.
  • Shaytaan presented Shirk to the people in a beautified way, in the form of exaggeration in:
    a) loving the righteous people and
    b) celestial bodies, sun, moon, stars, etc, and attributing divine attributes to them.
  • The five types of knowledge found in the Qur’aan as mentioned by Imam Ibn Al-Qayyim (rahimahullah).
  • Whole of the Qur’aan revolves around Tawheed.
  • How Iblees misguides people into committing Shirk step-by-step in six stages.

The First Principle

Making the religion sincerely and purely for Allāh the Exalted alone, without any partners, and the explanation of its opposite which is associating partners with Allāh. And that the majority of the Qur’ān is in explanation of this foundation, from a variety of angles, with such words that even the dumbest of the common-folk can understand. Then, when there occurred to the majority of the [Muslim] nation what occurred, Shaytān presented sincere worship [of Allāh alone] with the appearance of belittlement of the Righteous people and falling short in fulfilling their rights. And he presented associating partners [with Allāh] to them with the appearance of love of the Righteous and their followers.

The explanation of the First Principle was completed in this lesson.

The text of Usool us-Sittah can be found here: The Six Principles (Arabic and English).pdf

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