Interesting Article – The Far-Right Plot to Flood Radio Airwaves with Racism

Quote 1:
“This is just one example of “groyping” – a new far-right tactic to ambush unsuspecting spaces on the internet and radio airwaves, and flood them with far-right, racist conspiracy theories and jokes.”

Quote 2:
“The conspiracy theory that white British people are going to become a minority is one of the key messages being pushed by groypers. This particular bit of racist crankery comes from some demographic modelling conducted in 2010 by the highly controversial Oxford professor David Coleman. Coleman created several demographic projections, one of which suggested that white Brits could become a minority by 2066. This speculation was widely covered by the media in 2013, but very few outlets mentioned Coleman had been a member of the Eugenics Society and was a co-founder of anti-migrant campaign group Migration Watch.”

Link to full article:

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