Lecture: Treating Fear, Anxiety and Weakness in Eemaan Caused by “Lockdown” by Abu Iyaad

Video description: Abu Iyaad performed this lecture instead of the regular weekly durus at relatively short notice due to multiple requests, and in light of reports of people genuinely suffering from fear, anxiety and weakness of eemaan, Allahu Musta’an. He provided reassuring and comforting words, reinforcing the need to be optimistic and have good thoughts of Allah and not to be a victim to one’s own thoughts.

Lecture was broadcast live on the islamtees mixlr channel and uploaded on salafisounds site, which can be downloaded here: https://www.salafisounds.com/treating-fear-anxiety-and-weakness-in-eemaan-caused-by-lockdown-lecture-by-abu-iyaad/

Some notes can be found here:

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