Lesson 6 Upload – Taqreeb at-Tadmuriyyah

Some of the matters or points covered:

  • Expanding on the principles regarding affirmation and negation of Allah’s attributes.
  • What Allah affirms for Himself are all attributes of perfection with no deficiencies unlike the creation whose attributes contain deficiencies.
  • All of the attributes which are negated for Allaah are attributes of deficiencies and imperfection. By negating, the perfect opposite is affirmed.
  • In the Qur’an overwhelmingly affirmation is specific but negation is general. Some example ayaat provided. However, there can be exceptions to this (i.e. affirmation in a general sense and negation in a specific sense) when the need arises.

Listen to the lesson/download here:
Lesson 6.mp3

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