Lesson 7 Upload – Taqreeb at-Tadmuriyyah

Some of the matters or points covered:

  • 1) Examples of tafseel (specific mention of names and attributes) to show that this is indeed what the Qur’an has come with and this is how we speak about Allaah (Subhaanahu wa Ta’aala).
  • 2) Negation – when make negation from Allaah there’s no such thing as a pure negation in and of itself without it implying and indicating the opposite of it which is perfection.
  • 3) Just because there’s similarity in the name/label, doesn’t mean that there is similarity in the reality i.e. just because two things have the same name, does not mean that the realities are the same. This is one of the most important principles to understand.

Listen to the lesson/download here:
Lesson 7.mp3

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