Lesson 27 Upload – Taqreeb at-Tadmuriyyah

Some of the matters or points covered:

  • Continuation of Principle/Rule 5).
  • Established (with evidences from revelation and reason) that nature of our knowledge is we know the meaning of what we’ve been informed of and we’re ignorant of reality of what we’ve been informed of.
  • Not possible for there to be anything in the Qur’ān whose meaning is not known except to Allāh i.e. nothing in Qur’ān whose meaning is known only to Allāh (the ma’na). Meaning of every single verse, knowledge of that is present within the Ummah i.e. its meaning is known to at least some among the Ummah.
  • The claim of hidden meanings in the Qur’ān opens the door of Gnostic and esoteric movements like within Judaism and Christianity who claim hidden meanings in Torah or Injeel, hidden symbology and letters representing numerology, etc.
  • Who the Mufawwidah are.
  • What the Mufawwidah attributed to the Salaf is a lie because the Salaf left the knowledge of the kaifiyyah (reality) to Allāh, not the knowledge of the meaning (which is clear and apparent in the Arabic language).
  • There’s hundreds of narrations which make it clear that they (Salaf) affirm the meanings of the texts of the attributes, either in a general sense or in a specific sense. Examples of general and specific statements mentioned.
  • Statement of Ibn Taymiyyah (رحمه الله) regarding the claim of Tafweedh. Allāh has commanded us to reflect upon the Qur’ān, to comprehend and understand it. So how then is it permissible to say that what’s requested from us is to turn away from knowing and understanding it? This is the exact opposite of what Allāh is telling us to do!
  • If we accept what they’re saying (Mufawwidah) for arguments sake, then they’re implying the Prophets and Messengers don’t actually know the meaning of what Allāh revealed to them (of texts of the attributes). This is ascribing ignorance to Prophets and Messengers.
  • Statement of Tafweedh is revilement of the Qur’ān and the Prophets.
  • Opens up the door for tremendous evil, for cults to appear and anyone to make claims like claims of Prophethood, etc.
  • This type of speech becomes an obstacle to the door of guidance and clarification from the direction of the Prophets and undermines the entire religion.
  • Opens up the door for those who oppose the Prophets and Messengers (like philosophers for example) to say ‘guidance and clarification is in our path, what we’re upon’.
  • Those who claim they’re following Salaf and Sunnah with their Tafweedh, their statement is from the most evil from the statements of the people of innovation and deviation, even worse than ta’weel (making a figurative interpretation or allegories) because of the implications of it.

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