Lesson 44 Upload – Taqreeb at-Tadmuriyyah

Some of the matters or points covered:

  • Discussion of chapter titled “the necessity of believing in al-Qadr (Divine Pre-Decree) and al-Sharr’ (legislation)”.
  • Mention of things that explain necessity of believing in al-Qadr:
    1) It’s from the six pillars of Īmān.
    2) It’s from the completion of belief in Tawheed ar-Rubūbiyyah (Allāh is the Lord, Creator, Sustainer, Provider, Owner of all things, One who controls and regulates all things).
    3) By way of al-Qadr tawakkul (reliance upon Allāh) is actualized. We take the ways and means and submit outcomes of affairs to Allāh. We’re pleased and satisfied with the outcome whatever it is.
    4) By way of al-Qadr the heart of a man is tranquil, not disturbed by the trials and tribulations of life. Whatever harm or benefit comes to him is from Allāh. The more one increases in Īmān in al-Qadr then the greater tranquility one will have in their life.
    5) It removes from a person pride, arrogance, self-amazement because whatever they achieved they only achieved it by the Qadr of Allāh.
    6) Disturbance in the soul, grief, pain, ends because you know the affair belongs to Allāh so therefore a person is pleased and simply submits.
  • Asbāb (ways and means) have an effect by the will and permission of Allāh. Making du’ā is from the greatest ways and means, it is part and parcel of al-Qadr and du’ā can repel al-Qadr.
  • Why it’s necessary to believe in al-Sharr’ (legislation).
  • Benefit or harm can be known by way of; 1) fitrah, 2) reason, 3) practical experience or 4) legislation/law.
  • Role of Sharīah (legislation/law): to strengthen what fitrah, reason, practical experience have come to know. Fitrah, reason and practical experience bear witness to the Sharīah. Example of intoxicants and alcohol mentioned. Sharīah has come with the truth, rectification, it commands all that is good and prohibits all that is evil.

Listen to the lesson/download here:
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The handout which summarizes the previous lessons on the topic of Al-Qadr (lessons 36-43) can be found here:
Summary of Lessons So Far (on topic of Al-Qadr from lessons 36 – 43).pdf

Previous lessons available here: https://islamtees.uk/audio/aqeedah/#taqreebtadmuriyyah

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