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Lesson 11 on the explanation of Usool us-Sittah (The Six Principles) is now available. You can listen to or download it here:

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The Fifth Foundation

Allāh, the Sublime’s explanation of (who are) the allies (awliyā) of Allāh, and His separating between them and between those who try to resemble them amongst the enemies of Allāh, the hypocrites and sinners. And in this regard, the verse in Surah Āli Imrān is sufficient, and it His saying: “Say if you truly love Allāh, then follow me, Allāh will then love you” (3:31), and also the verse in Surah al-Mā’idah, and it is His saying: “O you who believe, whoever amongst you turns his back on his religion, then soon will Allāh bring another people whom He loves and they will love Him” (5:54), to the end of the verse. And also the verse in [Sūrah] Yunus, and it is His saying, “Verily, the (pious) friends of Allāh, they do not fear, nor do they grieve, those who believed and used to fear Allāh.” (Yunus 10:62-63).

But then the affair, to most of those who claimed knowledge and who claimed to be guides for the creation and protectors of the legislation, became such that they considered it necessary for the allies (awliyā) to abandon following the Messengers, and that whoever followed them, was not from them, and that it was necessary to leave Jihād and that the one who made Jihād is not amongst them, and that it is necessary to leave having faith and piety, and that whoever adopted faith and piety is not amongst them (the allies of Allāh). O our Lord, we ask You for forgiveness and pardon, verily You are the Hearer of supplication.

The text of Usool us-Sittah can be found here: The Six Principles (Arabic and English).pdf

Points or topics discussed in the lesson:

  • The commentary of Shaykh Muhammad Amaan al-Jamee (rahimahullah) regarding the fifth principle – distinguishing between genuine friends and allies of Allah (awliyaa) and those who pretend to be from among them but in reality they aren’t.
  • The ayat (three verses of the Qur’an) mentioned clearly outline the traits and qualities of the pious friends of Allah (azza wa Jal).
  • How people began to become confused regarding the awliyaa.
  • In contrast to Walayah (friendship and allegiance to Allah), Nubuwwah (Prophethood) is something that is conferred, it is given by Allah (azza wa Jal).
  • How do you earn allegiance with Allah and become a walee?
  • The types of hidaayah (guidance).
  • What is the description of the Awliyaa?
  • Difference between the anbiya (Prophets) and the awliyaa.

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