Lesson 4 Upload – Response to a Question on the Attributes

Some of the matters or points covered:

  • A very important principle, the most important one, which is to affirm the Attributes upon what is apparent (upon the language of the Arabs), which is extracted from this part of the text “…and to carry them upon their apparent meanings…”
  • Misguidance and deviation of Ahlul-Kalaam in that they believe Rahmah (mercy) refers to Allaah’s intent to reward. We know the meaning of mercy. If the Prophet (sallAllaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) meant something else he would have mentioned it.
  • Also, Mu’tazilah said Istiwaa (to ascend/rise/go above) means Istawlaa (to conquer something) as they wanted to negate Allaah rising because according to Greek philosophy there can’t be motion.
  • Likewise, misguidance of belief of Hand meaning Power. Why didn’t the Prophet (sallAllaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) explain istiwaa means Istawlaa and Hand means Power? He didn’t do this because Arabs knew what he meant.
  • We distinguish between the ma’na (meaning) and the haqiqah (reality). Example of the soul, we know it exists but don’t know what the soul is made of. It has a true and real existence. The soul ascends, can see, speak, etc. We don’t know the reality of it, it has attributes. Meaning of seeing and hearing known. Reality is something else.
  • Mu’tazilah rejected Mizaan (The Scale) as couldn’t comprehend how actions could be weighed.

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