Lesson 38 Upload – Taqreeb at-Tadmuriyyah

Some of the matters or points covered:

  • Discussion of third level of Al-Qadr – al-mashee’ah – belief in Allāh’s will and that it encompasses everything, such that the existence and non-existence of things, whether small, large, hidden or apparent, are only through His will. His actions occur through His will and the servants do not act, except under His will.
  • Shaykh ‘Uthaymeen’s (رحمه الله) commentary on this statement of belief including mention of textual evidences supporting this such as [2:74], [81:28-29] and [2:253].
  • Discussion of fourth level of Al-Qadr – al-khalq – belief in Allāh’s creative power, through which things come to be. This is to believe that Allāh is the Creator of all things, small, large, hidden or apparent. It includes all entities, their attributes and whatever emanates from them of speech, actions and effects.
  • Examples provided to help understand this such as the sun which has attribute of being hot and giving light. Light and heat is something Allāh put in it, He created it with these attributes.
  • Mention of two angles through which we can say everything is from the creation of Allāh.
  • Reply to the doubt along the lines of “If I made something out of wood (like a door), is this construction also a creation of Allāh even though it was done by myself?”
  • What is the evidence that Allāh’s action is by His will? Some revealed and rational evidences are provided.
  • A look at some deviation in issue of Al-Qadr like those trying to use Al-Qadr to justify sin and disobedience.
  • What is meant by the following statement made by scholars: “Do not be a Jabarī when it come to acts of disobedience (sinning) and do not be a Qadarī when it comes to obedience”? An explanation of the misguidance and deviation of two sects who erred in the issue of Al-Qadr.

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Previous lessons available here: https://islamtees.uk/audio/aqeedah/#taqreebtadmuriyyah

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